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Elizabeth Warren | Pocahontas Persist Pinback Button

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This is a 1616 etching of Pocahontas. Our nasty president uses her memory in an attempt to denigrate Senator Elizabeth Warren, but his cheap propaganda is misogynistic, racist and dumb. Pocahontas was born to a Native American tribal king. She was kidnapped by colonialists that were at war with her people. In a surprising turn, she married a British man and moved to England where she dressed in the latest frilly fashions and was paraded around as an example of a noble savage. Much later, Disney portrayed her in a tight, skimpy dress and long, flowing hair—a different kind of female role that our society deemed attractive, acceptable and nonthreatening. Was it an accurate account of the real Pocahontas? There is no doubt that she had an incredible story to tell, but it is unclear whether Pocahontas was able to fully express her truth. Did she ever experience freedom? Equality? Self actualization? Acceptance from society? With this 2.25-inch pin, we begin to restore and honor the life and epic story of Pocahontas. We also honor Senator Warren, for busting doors and talking over the men that seek to silence her. Nevertheless, women persist.

  • 2.25 inch pinback.
  • Original button design.
  • Wearable art handmade in the USA.
  • Printed with archival inks to maximize color durability.
  • Copyright 2017 Sandra Yeyati. All rights reserved.

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