Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

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Whoa! POTUS is unraveling. (2.25 inch Pin back button) 👉 SHOP HERE 👈



Women’s Fight Club

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Here’s Justine of modeling my Women’s Fight Club pin. She wears it well.

Her store features lovingly curated products for families that appreciate holistic living, including kids’ clothing, toys and home decor. It’s definitely worth a visit.

As we face four years of scary, heartless politics, I am inspired by the beautiful people I meet that are living elegant, purposeful lives–men, women and children that are willing to stand up and fight for their values.

The Women’s Fight Club pin was my very first button design. It’s about the power of love to focus our attention and to help us triumph over any adversity.

Women's Fight Club Political Protest Button
There is a color version, too, in red, white and blue.

Women's Fight Club Political Protest Button color
You can purchase one for yourself here at the shop. 

Muslim Ban is Unacceptable

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Malala Yousafzai
I’ll be wearing the Malala Yousafzai button to protest Trump’s horrifying Muslim ban and to honor her courageous resistance against hateful oppressors. Thank you, Malala, for showing us how to stand up and speak out.

Silence is Consent

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Silence is Consent
I’m making pinback buttons for the Women’s March and other political rallies. In my small way, I hope to help people feel empowered and to bring a sense of fun to the resistance. 

Here is one of my favorites: Silence is Consent. It seems important, in this divisive political landscape, to keep our wits about us and make our views known. 
These pins, which I designed and make by hand, are available for purchase here: