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Pussyhat POTUS protest button
POTUS 45 doesn’t like it when we make fun of him. That’s why this political protest button exists. 
Inspired by the pussyhat movement and by his own misogyny, this wearable pin displays President Donald Trump dressed in all his pastel-colored glory (YUCK) blowing us a kiss (GROSS). 

Question: If President Donald Trump were in touch with his feminine side and could laugh at himself, would he be a better leader? 

Answer: Probably not, but it would be a good start. 

Available at: Etsy.com/shop/GoodEyePress


Silence is Consent

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Silence is Consent
I’m making pinback buttons for the Women’s March and other political rallies. In my small way, I hope to help people feel empowered and to bring a sense of fun to the resistance. 

Here is one of my favorites: Silence is Consent. It seems important, in this divisive political landscape, to keep our wits about us and make our views known. 
These pins, which I designed and make by hand, are available for purchase here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/goodeyepress

RIP Muhammad Ali

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The Pitbull of Blues

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Charming Bill

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“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.” ~Bill Clinton

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