Pope Francis Resists

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Pope Francis stands firm against Donald Trump and the selfish GOP regime. 

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Adios, POTUS!

Political Buttons

Best button placement award goes to:


North Korea Senses our Weakness

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The world is watching Political Protest button
Today, I am concerned about North Korea. Kim Jong-un senses our weakness; we are burdened by ineffectual and inexperienced leadership, as well as an extremely divided populace. The World is Watching.

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Marquis de Sad

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Marquis de Sad Trump Protest Button

NEW PROTEST BUTTON: Our 45th President, Donald Trump, seems to take pleasure in causing chaos and pain in America and the world. This earns him the title Marquis de Sad. It is no coincidence that the word “sad” is one of his most tweeted adjectives. 

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The Resistance is Real

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Princess Leia Resist Political Protest ButtonPrincess Leia, and Carrie Fisher for that matter, are emblematic of independent-minded, resilient and intelligent American women that today are ready to mobilize against the Trump regime. Pinned to my lapel, I proudly wear this button in my ultra-conservative town, feeling empowered and hopeful. United we will win.

I started making these political protest buttons after Trump won the election. In my small way, I hope to help mobilize the resistance movement, and to bring a sense of empowerment and fun to the tough fight ahead.

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Join the Resistance Movement

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Princess Leia Resist Political Protest Button

Inspired by Star Wars and Princess Leia, as played by Carrie Fisher (RIP), this beautiful pin displays a compelling message of empowerment, moxie and resilience.

Perfect for nerdy activists, as they protest the Trump administration and Republican agenda.

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